Ladybug Control

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LadyBeetlesA single ladybug can eat more than 5,000 aphids in its lifetime, making these pests extremely beneficial in gardens. Ladybugs are predators and naturally feed on garden pests. Ladybugs rarely are problematic for people in garden areas and are most often welcomed guests. It is when they move into our homes that they are a problem.

Will ladybugs damage my house and property?

It is true that ladybugs live outside and rarely become a problem inside homes or other structures. If they do find a way inside, they are not harmful to people or the structure of the building. Ladybugs typically only move inside during the late fall to secure a safe, warm spot to overwinter. They congregate in secluded, quiet areas like wall voids, attics, and crawl spaces. As ladybugs move around a home or other structure, they may stain some surfaces with excrement and in the Springtime, you’ll most likely have a buzzing in your face problem as well as lots of spots on your windows.

How do I get rid of ladybugs?

Staying ahead of ladybugs and putting into place a plan to stop them before they have the chance to move into your home and multiply is the best way to prevent problems with these pests. If you experience regular issues with ladybugs, it is best to contact the experts at Ashcraft Termite and Pest

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