Flea and Tick Control

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flea and tick removalYour pet may be a member of your family, but sometimes it’s easy for them to invite an unwelcomed guest to take up residence in your carpets, couches, and corners, unintentionally causing a big household problem.

Once you’ve established that your pet is infested with fleas or ticks, time is of the essence. But be sure to remain calm and take things one step at a time. First, treat your pet; consult with your veterinarian to find the best treatment option. Secondly, you will need to thoroughly clean and treat your home – inside and out – especially those areas where your pet spends a lot of time. Flea and tick infestations can be difficult to eliminate, so it is a good idea to call Ashcraft Termite and Pest.  We’re ready to solve your current or potential flea and tick problems. CONTACT US


We will ask where you have experienced fleas or ticks to determine the extent of your infestation. We use their “science-based approach as they conduct a visual inspection of the likely areas of infestation, including areas where your pets have been. Ashcraft Termite and Pest will outline suggestions for implementing an integrated pest management solution specific for your home. We will discuss which areas of your home may require preparation before treatment.

Keep Your Pet Away 

To ensure the safety of you and your animals, it is recommended your veterinarian treat your pet for fleas and/or ticks on the day Ashcraft Termite and Pest provides service. This should prevent your pet from re-introducing the pest into the treated environment, as well as remove the insect for the benefit of the animal’s health. Make sure to remove any pet feeding dishes or any other pet-related items from the treatment area. Please keep your pet out of treated areas until materials are dry (approximately one hour) and ventilate the interior during that time.

Keep Your Yard Pest Free 

Fleas prefer cool, shady, moist places and especially like to hide in shrubs, leaf litter and underneath lawn structures. Try to keep the areas around your house as trimmed and clear as possible.

Ashcraft Termite and Pest is ready to solve your current or potential ant problems.  CONTACT US