Important Message

We at Ashcraft Termite and Pest are here to assist you in many ways. Sometimes it is via the treatment for and prevention of all kinds of pests. At other times it is simply through the imparting of information and knowledge. Either way, we are in business because we genuinely feel, at our core, the call to service.

With regards to Coronavirus, relieving one of the potential concerns that may arise is related to mosquito and tick transmission of Covid-19. We have, as a species, been presented with a challenge we have not had to face in a century. While this is an ever-evolving scenario, thus far,all science points to the fact that Coronavirus/Covid-19 is NOT, I repeat, NOT transmitted through insect bites.

As we all spend more time closer to home and with our families, we cannot stay indoors, especially if remaining indoors is related to an unfounded concern. Please, get outside and enjoy the wonderful Virginia Spring weather! It’s good for you!! Don’t fear what doesn’t exist.

That said, if while getting outside more, you find that it is a bit unpleasant due to biting insects, we can help with that. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to give us a call. We are here for YOU!…/coronavirus-virus-mosquitoes-c…/


Tammy and I wanted to reach out to you and yours to wish you well in these uncertain and tumultuous times. Please be safe and be smart.

As you know, this is a challenging time for us all. We at Ashcraft Termite and Pest have been trying Ashcraft Termite and Pest Teamto decide what is right and appropriate and what is not. Having over 38 combined years of experience in an industry that deals intimately with nature every day, we understand the impact of what changing a few small things makes. Even if just for a short while. In the case of the Coronavirus, Covid 19, that means reduced direct human interaction. However, we are on the cusp of Spring and insects will still be doing their thing. We will be able to continue to provide the exterior perimeter treatments, crawl space work and mosquito services as usual. While we want to provide you, your family and your home the utmost in protection from these unwanted intruders, we regrettably will not be able to perform interior services at this time.

While these are necessary, albeit short term, we will have to limit our customer interaction to paper, digital, telephone and “distance buffered conversations”. We have decided to continue providing those services in order to prevent their negative impacts on your lives while we, as a world, try to deal with another “bug”. We understand that while we might be inclined to stay closer to home, you likely still want to enjoy a pest free environment. Especially if we are having to spend more time together in our homes and in our yards.

We apologize for any inconvenience this decision may present; we just want to try to do the right thing for us all. If you would like to suspend service for any reason, please know that we understand. You are more than customers; you are neighbors and friends! Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we might help address them.
I know that these are unfamiliar and frightening times, but we do believe, that as a community, we will get through this. We are a resilient people who come together best when needed most!

Finally, I would personally like to ask that we look out for our friends and neighbors and let’s not allow an unseen able opponent cause us to panic. As Winston Churchill stated, “Keep calm and carry on.” I would only like to add that This too shall pass…..

Yours for service,
John Ashcraft