Tammy Ashcraft

My name is Tammy Ashcraft and I am a mother of 3 and as most of you know that is the biggest accomplishment in itself. I understand that most people do not mind insects on the outside of their home, but they do not want them on the inside of their home. I am one of those people.

I worked on a 900-acre farm in Fluvanna County and had horses of my own, that I loved dearly. So I understand the surprise when you walk in the feed room and the visitor that day is a mouse running across the floor. He’s cute but you don’t want him there.

I have had vegetable gardens and flower gardens all of my life and I understand what insects are good and which ones are bad and which products you can and can’t use in that particular area. I have gone through the Master Gardening classes that helped in my understanding of the soil food web. Most of my life I have been in the customer service industry from being a waitress to being an officer at UVA Hospital. When I worked at Fluvanna Prison I became a Strike Force member in the prison and that is the most dangerous job to have in that industry.

My goal has always been to help and protect people and I have found, being in the pest control industry I can help people not only solve their pest control problem, but also help them understand why they have the problem, and the effects that pest may have on their family.
I have been working in the pest control industry since 2011 at Holistic Pest Solutions. While there I have worked with great people, from Co-workers to customers. I have trained co-workers on the ins and outs of pest control and I have helped customers understand why they have the problems they have when it comes to pest control.

I have lived in Fluvanna Co. for the past 22 years and before that I lived in Luray VA. I have the small town beliefs. I believe in supporting the small business owner and the farmers and being there for our neighbors when they’re in need.

This is why John and I started Ashcraft Termite and Pest because we want to continue to help our friends, family and neighbors get the best service possible. We believe the most important customer is the one that is standing in front of us.