Samantha Oliff


Samantha-OliffI was born and raised in Fluvanna County. I have been in choir, cheerleading, and dance. I graduated in 2011 from Fluvanna County High School. After graduating, I volunteered at our local animal shelters. I also attended Piedmont Virginia Community College and worked in local businesses. During this time, I decided to settle down with my husband and remain a resident of Fluvanna County. Since then, I have worked in many different establishments from University of Virginia Hospital to Henrico County Police Department. I chose to leave these establishments because even though I was helping others, I did not feel like I was giving back to the community that raised me. I felt like I was getting further and further from home. So, I started working with my family and my community.

I started in the pest control industry roughly 6 years ago. Initially, I worked in the office and later, I trained in the field. I enjoy doing pest control because it allows me to still help people. I often see adults and children who are afraid of insects like spiders or bees. I enjoy being able to solve these issues for people and to see them no longer afraid to walk into their own homes or businesses. I love being able to sit back after I have treated something like a wasp nest and watch as children come back outside and begin playing again, as if the wasps were never there. I also enjoy pest control because I like investigating. When I get a call for ants or bees, I get excited, because I like following them. I like to see where they are coming from and where they are going.

I am and will always be a Fluco at heart. This wonderful place and the people who live in it have helped to shape the individual that I have become. So, if you decide to call me regarding your pest control needs, just know that you are not just a client or customer to me. You are a member of my community and you are my neighbor. In a world that brings too many problems and not enough solutions to the table, I am here to help provide the solutions for your pest problems.